Gira Gira

by Sweet Medicine

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This song was inspired by the peruvian style long dance as ran by Julian Jurak.


Nananai nananaye

Gira, gira, gira!!
como un remolino (torbellino)
que te lleva hasta el fondo
donde se encuentra tu tesoro

Gira, gira, gira!!
Como la lunita
Que refleja la luz
Su alma de roca
Eco de cristal

Nananai nananaye etc

Gira, gira, gira!!
Gira con el viento
con su fuerza se lleva
Las hojas secas del pensamiento

Gira, gira, gira!!
Dando vueltas al sol
De la tierra tus pasos
Suben al cielo en una canción

Nananai nananaye etc...

ninanananai-na etc...

English Lyrics:

Nananaee nananaye etc...

Trun, turn, turn!!
Turn like a whirlpool
That takes you to the bottom
where your treasure is found

Trun, turn, turn!!
Turn Like the little moon
that reflects the light
it's soul of rock
Echo of Crystal

Nananaee nananaye etc...

Trun, turn, turn!!
Turn with the wind
With it's strength it blows away
The dry leaves of thought

Trun, turn, turn!!
Turn around the Sun
from the earth your steps
Rise up to the sky in a song

Nananaee nananaye etc...

neenanananaee-na etc...


released October 28, 2015
Rafael Marchante Angulo: Music, lyrics, guitar and voice
Lucidia Omamori: Harp and Voice



all rights reserved


Sweet Medicine London, UK

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